insert text:

please insert the text and format it with your text editor
the following format options are available:

please choose your typeface from the list below. If you don't have the appropriate font installed on your pc, the editor will show the font as arial. The preview will always show the correct typeface.

font size:
here you can choose the font size

Here you can choose the alignment of your text. This will only be shown in the preview.

If the formatting in the preview is not displayed properly, klick in the white field near the text-field.

You can choose between bold, italic, underlined as well as different text colors.



paste image:

Please klick first on the button "search" and choose an image from a directory. The image will be uploaded to our server. This can take a few minutes, depending on the size of the file.

Please be aware of the 3mb limit for images. Accepted formats are .gif, .png and .jpg

1mb is sufficent for good quality pictures

The picture will automatically align to the product